Zhejiang Jiarun WEDM cooling oil manufactory is a modern stock enterprise, consisting of a group of technical experts and professional managers for cooling oil used in wire cut electrical discharge machining(WEDM). Our company imports and improves the scientific research results and their experience of experts in the area of EDM ,then integrate these results with modern demands of WEDM-HS such as high thickness and large taper cutting, faster cutting speed, increasing kinds of difficult machining material, through thousands experiments ,now we recommend our fantastic series productions. There are JR1A composite liquid , JR2A super high thickness cutting composite liquid, JR3A WEDM super concentrated ointment .All above products have been tested and proved they are actually no toxicity.
     Our customer's needs guides our efforts throughout the process from design through production, sales, and after-sales service which strictly according to the demand of ISO9000. We strive to offer both high quality products and good services as well. 
    Jiarun company hopes to be the wing of your company and contribution to the WEDM-HS domain to raise the lever of machining technique and the application range.


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